bs johnson - house mother normal *

euripides - the bakkhai (lol)

donna tartt - the secret history (under duress)

mark fisher - postcapitalist desire

dorothy b hughes - in a lonely place

jennifer fleissner - maladies of the will: the american novel and the modernity problem

osamu dazai - no longer human

kathryn scanlan - kick the latch

byung-chul han- burnout society; psychopolitics; scent of time; saving beauty; good entertainment

lukacs - history and class consciousness

ludovico silva - marx's literary style

david harvey - marx, capital, and the madness of economic reason

amina cain - a horse at night: on writing

virginia woolf - mrs. dalloway (reread) *

eric bennett - workshops of empire: stegner, engle, and american creative writing during the cold war

bs johnson - the unfortunates *

b. bergson spiro (betty miller) - the mere living

arthur schnitzler - late fame

stephen graham jones - the bird is gone: a manifesto

mihail sebastian - for two thousand years

percival everett - dr. no

karolina pavlova - a double life

kenzaburo oe - a personal matter

jacques ranciere - the intellectual and his people

david berman - actual air *

eric hayot - the elements of academic style: writing for the humanities

rafael bernal - his name was death

tj jackson lears - no place of grace: antimodernism and the transformation of american culture 1880-1920

franco moretti - the bourgeois: between history and literature

max weber - charisma and disenchantment: the vocation lectures

billy-ray belcourt - a minor chorus

martin riker - the guest lecture

marcus verhagen - viewing velocities: time in contemporary art

john joseph mathews - sundown

gordon hutner - what america read

henry james - the princess cassamassima

honore de balzac - pere goriot *

nancy fraser and rahel jaeggi - capitalism: a conversation in critical theory

helen hester - after work: the politics of free time

annie ernaux - look at the lights my love

zadie smith - nw (reread) *

mario de andrade - macunaima *

jm coetzee - the pole

alejo carpentier - the lost steps